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Rejuv. Wellness & Weight loss is a NP supervised weight loss program that focuses on helping individuals achieve their goals & maintain a healthy weight.  

First a comprehensive assessment gathers information to help the health care provider and patient start the journey.

Medical Visit Pricing 

Initial Consult $189 

Bi Weekly Followup:  $75

Monthly Followup $95

Getting Started

NP Laura Mark will review your medical history, current lifestyle, and talk about the barriers to your weight loss & maintenance.  Office visits are performed in person at the Marshfield location &/or through telemedicine.  A comprehensive plan is developed including any necessary testing, acceptable food choices, lifestyle changes needed, & if needed medication.

What can I expect during my journey

Each individual is different & Rejuv.'s goal is to help you live well and stay well....whether you are a busy mom, dad, stressed-out, can't keep the fridge closed, or not feeling as young as you once were....we address any medical conditions or triggers and how to avoid them, while getting to your goal.

What can I expect? Medical testing if needed, review current food/alcohol consumption, food triggers & lifestyle choices.  Create a plan that includes: food intake, lifestyle, decreasing food triggers, coaching, & prescribed medication such as Phentermine,  Orlistat, Naltrexone/Bupropion & others if indicated.

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