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Hair Removal

Tired of shaving, waxing or unplucking unwanted hair?
Then you should consider Laser Hair Removal at Rejuv.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL can treat the areas of the face, chin, neck, back, arms, bikini, and even toes. 


At Rejuv. LASER HAIR REMOVAL can be done quick and comfortably. For Quick and Painless LASER HAIR REMOVAL we use a Diode laser. 

How does it work? 

The laser targets the pigmentation found in hair follicles, this destroys the hair and leaves the surrounding skin undamaged.  The Diode laser at Rejuv. Is fast and no need for topical numbing.  The effectiveness depends on the thickness, color and location of the hair being treated.  Settings for LASER HAIR REMOVAL is adjustable for each skin type and hair type.  Darker hair colors respond better than light blonde hair. 

During your LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatment at Rejuv you will be evaluated and ensured that you haven’t had any recent sun exposure, waxed or plucked within the last 2 weeks. 


What should I expect the day of my treatment?

Gel is applied to the treatment area and protective eyewear is used during this painless LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatment. 

After the treatment you may be given an ice pack or cream. 

The area may appear red after your treatment but will subside.

You should wear sunscreen to the exposed area and over the next 2-4 weeks the hair treated will fall out.

How Many Sessions will I need?

The number of LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatment can vary but usually 7-12 treatments are needed and varies on the thickness and darkness of your hair.

Treatments are scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. 


Get ready to book your appointment.  Rejuv in Marshfield also treats patients in Plymouth, Kingston, Pembroke, Duxbury, Cohassett, Norwell, Braintree and other South Shore and Plymouth county towns.

Hair Removal

Number of treatments needed vary.

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