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What you need to know before & after your procedure


  • CO2 treatment is the Gold Standard for Skin Resurfacing.  At RejuvNP we have the Deka Tetra CO2 laser that offers ablative CO2 that can be aggressive and also a CoolPeel CO2 treatment that will have less downtime.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    • CO2 aggressive treatments 1-2 treatments usually.​

    • CoolPeel CO2 treatment 3-4 usually.

  • What is the CO2 laser treatment used for?

    • Acne​

    • Scars,

    • Collagen Stimulation

    • Some Skin Tightening

    • Pigmentation correction

    • wrinkles

  • For darker skin types it is recommended to have the CoolPeel treatment


Hydrate and Protect:

  • Moisturize skin at least 2x a day (AM/PM) Increase water intake to 8 glasses of water (8oz) or more per day

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun If exposure is unavoidable, use a zinc oxide-based sunscreen of at least SPF 30+


Prepare your skin:

  • Stop any topical retinoid therapy (3-4 days prior to treatment)

  • If you have a history of fever blisters, ask your provider about starting an antiviral prophylaxis 3-7 days before the treatment 7-28 days prior to treatment (to hydrate your skin and optimize treatment results):


  • Immediately after treatment you may have cool compresses available to help remove any excess heat – it may be used for longer times with more aggressive treatments.

  • Apply a topical ointment (like Vaseline or Petrolatum ointment) to the treated area(s) once the perception of heat has been reduced Many patients see redness for 3-5 days or more after the treatments.

  • Redness is expected to last longer with stronger treatments To help lessen the potential for swelling, consider sleeping with the treatment area elevated

  • Swelling and a mild to moderate sunburn sensation are common after the treatments and may last 1-3 days It’s possible that after the second day, the skin may appear as an exaggerated tan.

  • Skin may flake during the healing process Face and Neck – 5-7 days Chest 7-10 days Hands 10-14 + days 

  • Avoid exercise or any excessive heat for 2 weeks post treatment

  • Change your pillowcase daily and as needed for the first 7 days post treatment

  • Excessive sun must be avoided for 2 months post treatment 

  • Minimize the exposure to pets, especially cats Do not allow any pet to lick the treatment area

  • Limit alcohol consumption after the treatment to help minimize the risk for additional complications like bruising.


We recommend distilled white vinegar soaks to be applied multiple times a day

  • For 1 Cup:  1 Tbsp distilled white vinegar to 1 cup water

  • For 1 Quart: 3 Tbsp of distilled white vinegar + 1 Quart water

  • For 1 Gallon: ¾ Cup of distilled white vinegar + 1 Gallon water

  • Store in the refrigerator between uses to aid in the cooling effect Moisten gauze with the solution and apply to the affected area


Days 2-7 after

  • Wash the treatment area with a mild soap or gentle cleanser and gently blot dry.  If skin is still tender continue to use Aquaphor/Skin Protectant.

  • If a post treatment product was purchased, it may be applied at this time.

  • Wait ~ ten minutes to apply a zinc oxide-based sunblock

  • Allow the sunblock to rest, undisturbed for 5 minutes

  • Apply Vaseline or Petrolatum ointment to the treated areas The layer should be ~ the thickness of a dime or thinner.

  • Reapply every 3-4 hours and as needed to maintain a moist environment

  • Your provider will inform you when you may resume the use of your usual skin care regime

  • Avoid scrubbing or trauma to the treated area

  • Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation

  • Continue using a zinc oxide-based sun block with an SPF 30+ or higher.

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