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BHRT, Another Key to Anti-Aging

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

BHRT (Bio identical hormone therapy) is an anti-aging medical treatment option that helps slow down the process of aging.

As we age hormones levels decrease and lead to a decline in various bodily functions. Read below to learn more!

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

A medical treatment that replenishes hormones that are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones and are. Traditional HRT products are made from the urine of pregnant horses and other synthetic hormones.

The most commonly used hormones in anti-aging therapy are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. These hormones are believed to help with muscle mass, bone density, skin elasticity, fatigue, moods, sexual health and cognitive function.

What type of patient’s does RejuvNP treat?

We treat both Women and Men at RejuvNP. There is no special age that makes you a candidate, for example BHRT just isn't for menopausal women. We treat based on symptoms and hormone levels.

What does my first RejuvNP BHRT visit entail?

A Nurse Practitioner will meet with you and review any lab work you have available (usually within the last 6 months). The NP will order any additional lab work needed (this can be done prior to our first visit as well).

After discussing your health history, lifestyle, and medications a treatment plan will be created that can include hormone replacement.

Follow up appointments will be made to monitor the changes that have been implemented.

What type of BHRT does RejuvNP provide? We prescribe creams, injections, troches, and pellets. RejuvNP understands that different delivery options can provide better patient satisfaction.

What hormones are replaced in BHRT?

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, and Thyroid.

Ready to see if you are a candidate for BHRT? Give RejuvNP a call to see if your symptoms are treatable with hormone replacement therapy.

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