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Ready to smooth out wrinkles, tighten, or treat scaring?
Then you should consider Pixel8-RF Microneedling at Rejuv.


RF Microneedling is used to rejuvenate skin, treat acne scarring, scars, tighten saggy skin and also help with hyperhydrosis (excess underarm sweat). 


At Rejuv. RF Microneedling (radiofrequency microneedling) can requires little downtime and to help with discomfort we use a very strong prescription numbing cream.

How does it work? 

RF Microneedling uses several sterile tiny needles and radio frequency to treat the skin.  After the skin is numbed, the tiny needles create controlled micro-injury and radio frequency is dispersed though the needles and causes skin tightening.  Over time the skin repairs itself and collagen and elastin is formed, the skin tightens, and the skin surface improves.  It can take up to 6 months for this to occur.    

During your RF Microneedling treatment at Rejuv you will be evaluated and ensured that you haven’t had any recent sun exposure or active infection.  RF Microneedling can be safe for all skin types. 


What should I expect the day of my treatment?

  • Prescription strength numbing cream is applied to the treatment area for 45 minutes. 

  • After the treatment you may be given an ice pack or cream. 

  • The area may appear red or swollen after your treatment but will subside.

  • You should wear sunscreen to the exposed area and over the next 2-4 weeks and keep the skin moisturized.  

How Many Sessions will I need?

The number of RF Microneedling treatment can vary but usually 3-5 treatments are needed and varies on your treatment goals.

Treatments can be scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. 


Get ready to book your appointment.  Rejuv in Marshfield also treats patients in Duxbury, Cohassett, Norwell, and other South Shore and Plymouth county towns.

RF Microneedling

Number of treatments needed vary.

From - $650

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